There are so many lessons learned in life and many originate with our family. I often say they are our greatest teachers. Some say we choose our family before we come to this Earth and that we also have a say in our lessons. I must have been one eager student! 

One of the biggest lessons in my life has been to live through the death of my Mother, loosing her to suicide at 15 years of age. That is when she passed, although there are numerous times beforehand that I or we as a family had felt abandoned by her. From what I have heard and what I vaguely recall of that time, was Mom was a point in life where she felt unsupported, and after raising four children and having a husband who often was away on business trips, was someone in desperate search of finding herself.

Suffering from what we now know as postpartum depression, she was treated for mental illness and diagnosed as border line Schizophrenic. She was given all kinds of medications and had to experience brutalizing electric shock therapy. She was a lost soul. I remember sneaking out of the house once, taking the bus across the city and visiting her while hospitalized. The echo of her words stung me to the core; “I have nothing to live for, not even you children.”

Oh, I was confused, hurt, and very angry! How could a Mother say that to a child? I called my Dad to come pick me up, and he was furious that I went there, likely wanting to protect me from pain or sadness yet something in me also searched for the truth. Eventually one gets tired of hearing that you are too young to understand.

So much of my life has been about healing this relationship, and healing myself. Even though I made a conscious choice to never be like her, never get married, never have children, never be creative and vibrant (as she was pre-illness,) what I did was rob myself from many of the greatest pleasures of life. You see, my deepest fear was becoming like my Mother.

Fear. That’s a big one. It prevents us from living and can prevent us from loving. Life has a way of teaching us what we came here to learn regardless of the choices we make. Loosing a parent is challenging under any circumstance. The emotional baggage we carry can become immense. It can take over our lives and make itself present in each and every decision we make. It can steer our career choice, our relationships, and we begin to naturally protect ourselves and others from having to feel this kind of pain.

Letting go of that emotional clutter that I carried, that immense shame, disgust, hate, fear, grief, loss, and abandonment came through years of work and self exploration. Knowledge is empowering, as is acceptance. Perhaps the most healing of all was forgiving. Much has been written about the power of forgiving, not that we have to accept or condone the behaviour of others, but that we detach from the emotional connection to that part of our story.

I can now say that I am at peace and have gained much more compassion for myself and others. I have learned to step back and encourage people to feel their emotional pain and process their own lessons. I learned I cannot heal anyone, they have to heal themselves and their relationships.

What I can do is ‘hold space’ for you as you heal. I can listen, I can empathize and share from my personal learning and training. I can say it’s worth your time to heal the past so you can live in the present and look forward to a future lived in peace and harmony. It may not be your relationship with your Mother that requires healing, it could be anyone, including your relationship with God/ Spirit and self. Soul Coaching® can assist in clearing emotional clutter by;

  • Connecting with the Spirit of Water, feel the flow, life force and rejuvenating properties
  • Exploring the turning points in your life
  • Looking at recurring emotions
  • Explore the meaning we give to events in our life and get to the source of that meaning
  • Using creative projects to heal / change our personal history
  • Identifying what brings our energy up and or down
  • Letting go of Victim thinking and choose our life
  • Learning to ask questions in a way we get better answers
  • Examining how we relate with the word and what our relations patterns are especially in our significant relationships
  • We learn to be, watch for signs, and be grateful for all there is and most importantly we remember to love ourselves and others

To change our world, we need to start with ourself. Doing these exercises in the Soul Coaching program can help you step out of old thoughts and patterns and understand that every experience in our past has been an essential part of our spiritual journey. You are not alone, even if it may feel like it. We are all in this journey together, learning, loving and sharing. 

Blessings galore,


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