Clutter in one’s life appears in many forms. Clutter is unhealthy for us as it blocks CHI (energy) from coming in to our lives. People begin to feel unorganized, unfocused and a lack of clarity for the future when surrounded by clutter. How does clutter appear in your life? For me, it is in the form of paper! I have endless ideas and thoughts and love taking notes when attending workshops. There is just something about writing with a pen on paper that feeds my soul.

Yet, even items that fed our soul at one time in our life, may not be what we currently need and are certainly not helping to manifest our future desires unless we love them, use them or really need them. My journals did not fit in to those categories any longer. I knew I had to clear them, and I had to honour the past and find a loving way to let go. I also knew there was some wisdom in those pages that I wanted to keep for future writings and so this 21 Day Soul Coaching® Clutter Clearing Quest began…

Journals Before

I often suggest to clients to take a before photo to keep them motivated and focused on their project. Focus on the feeling of having it done! It is also a wonderful idea to decide when you are going to achieve this and determine how long you will work at your project and I decided to give myself one whole week to get ‘er done. Now, usually… I am one who feels it all should be complete in one giant swoop (and have in the past been so disappointed by my failure to achieve results with that belief.) As I teach, I also learn and grow and have discovered the productive experience of pacing.’With pacing, you can get it done, have some enjoyment along the way and not burn yourself out in the process.

These three bags of notes and journals were blocking the floor in my bedroom closet. Now, for me this is the energy of Family on the energy map in Feng Shui called a Bagua. When the energy is blocked in this area, one may feel disconnected from Family, Community, and other influences from the past and I was feeling this deeply.

I was working on letting go of the past and manifesting the future of my dreams which included feeling closer to my Family, being connected with my Community plus inviting future possibilities and opportunities in to my life! This trapped energy felt heavy, made me tired just to look at it, plus it made it challenging to get my clothes out of the closet which meant my washer, dryer, shower curtain rod and chairs became my new closet. Not so inviting for others who came to my home but most importantly, not the energy I wanted to have in my space. Clutter can snowball into others areas of your life. So look for the root cause of your clutter!


When I began, I held each journal to my heart, thanked it, and flipped through them recalling that period of my life. I had pages that jumped out at me with little tidbits of wisdom or mentioning books, movies and people to research in the future. It’s funny how often we write something down and never look back it for reference. This occurs about 80% of the time! I felt the need to carry this project even further by keeping only those pages or parts of the pages I wanted for future writings and shred the rest. I was so glad I gave myself the week to accomplish this task as now I had to get an accordion file, and divide these pages into categories then file them appropriately!

Then the shredding began. There is something so cathartic about this process, especially when intentions are used. With each and every page (sometimes up to about 8 at a time as that was the limit of my shredder) I fed it and fed it, feeling lighter and lighter as I progressed. At times the feeder would jam and I would look at what the page said and laugh. It seemed the Universe was working me and sometimes gave me a little extra to pay attention to before I really let go of it. I examined some beliefs, some memories, and explored a whole bunch of various feelings. I smiled, I cried, I laughed, I got angry, I bashed, I blamed… Then I would take a deep breath and forgive myself, honour that part of my life, cherish the memories and all those lessons I had experienced along the way.

Taking the binder and coiled covers to the trash and dumping the shredded paper in the recycle bin was also moving and profound. I pay attention to signs along the way and for me this realization meant so much. Some things will be permanently gone from my life yet the wisdom that something discarded could be transformed into something even better, perhaps cherished, loved and used in the future was such a pleasant way to complete this task.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned as the Quest continues…

What area of your home or life is your clutter blocking?

What does it feel like?

What would you feel when it gets removed?

How will your life be better?

“Where intention goes, energy flows.”


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