Spring Clutter Clearing Tips

Spring Clutter Clearing Tips

Spring Cleaning has long been practiced in many cultures, some believing it it originates on the Persian New year named “khooneh tekouni” which literally means “shaking the house.” Everything is thoroughly cleaned and polished. Others believe it goes back to the ancient Jewish observance of Passover and traditionally, the Catholic Church cleans the altars and everything associated with it on the day before Good Friday. In North America, it usually began in March as the coal furnaces would be turned off and it was warm enough to open doors and windows.

Spring is my favourite time of year, it’s like a New Year and Back to School, another time to re-invent your life, and your space. I love to watch buds form on trees and tulips begin to peak their way out of the ground. People come out from winter’s hibernation and it feels like an empowering time for transformation to occur. It’s when we plant seeds, nurture them, and watch them flourish in the months ahead.

Connect to the energy of the season – Open your doors and windows and welcome in fresh air and new energy.

Clutter gets in the way of cleaning and negatively affects our energy on so many levels. Make a decluttering plan and stick to it; allow yourself more time than what you think so you always complete the task. If this feels overwhelming, commit to 10 – 15 minutes daily to start. Start small and work your way up. Focus on your INTENTIONS for cleaning, i.e.: to create a sacred space with life enhancing energy…

Set up your Clutter Clearing system; get boxes ready for consignment, donation, sell, and recycle / trash and perhaps one for items that need repair (or keep a notebook handy!) Decide on rewards for when you are completed, or celebrate each milestone. Combine efforts with a family member of friend to keep your intentions clear. It is much easier going through a friend’s stuff than your own, so find a gal pal, involve the family, intake your partner and keep each other focused on the task.

  • Put on some funky music on and get to it! Make this as fun as you can! 
  • Take before and after photos to keep you motivated.
  • Once the clutter is removed, clean your space with earth friendly products.
  • Organize your space so there is a space for everything you do keep.
  • Bring in fresh flowers, healthy plants, candles with fresh scents and IN-JOY your new space!
  • Then PREVENT clutter build up by only bringing in items that you use, love or need.

I would love to hear your tips or what worked for you!

~ Kelly Chamchuk

Old Habits Die Hard, Even Miracle Boxes!

Old Habits Die Hard, Even Miracle Boxes!

“Old habits die hard.” What does that really mean? That engrained habits take a long time to reverse? That the ‘death’ of them is hard to handle? Change is difficult? Really? Is it? Or is that a perception we have come to believe in circumstances where we do not care for the change? What about when we love the change, is it difficult then? Hmmm, huh? Maybe it’s the word ‘change’ itself that could use changing! I personally like to use the words transform or evolve.

Yet when we seek the truth in this or any other saying for ourselves we can actually find our own blockages, connect with our beliefs and then bring them in to alignment with where we are currently in our life.

I get all excited about New Years! It may be the Scorpio in me, but I love transformation, new vibrant energy and a ‘clean slate.’ Yet, we are human BE-ings after-all and we do have our human ways… it is human to fall back to the old way; the habitual method of doing something while we are evolving. The important thing to remember is that each time you fall down, you get up again! That is how we all learned to walk and we did experience a few bumps ‘n bruises along with all those pleasures of crawling, walking then running, and even jogging for those more adventurous and able!

One of my habits is keeping a “Miracle Box’ which is a box where I enter my wishes, desires; yes, and even my lottery tickets in to. It is a beautiful wooden box and on the inside it’s covered with pink heart-shaped post-it’s saying ‘thank you’ as my message of gratitude to the Universe. I went to “clutter clear’ it the other day as I do each year at this time and found a note from back in 2007 with a long list of qualities that I wanted to bring in to my life. I had kept that particular list in the box as a few items were still ‘missing.’ I reached in, removed it and the box was empty. I sat there and just looked into the hollow space for a few moments and slowly began to smile. I realized it felt GREAT! I blew a few dust bunnies from the corners and wondered what if I just left it this way? Empty? Not asking for anything, now THAT would be different, that would be ‘change,’ that would be ‘evolving’ and I felt super excited at all the possibilities… ahhh, the unknown… the vastness out there waiting for me!

Perhaps you are way ahead of me in your search for enlightenment, empowerment and personal growth, right by my side or at another point in your journey; to me, this is all exciting… whether you are new to learning about Vision Boards, Soul Collages and Miracles Boxes for the first time or have been doing it for years; there is always opportunity to create change, to transform and to evolve.

You may set New Year’s Resolutions or be ready for Real SOUL-utions; it is up to you of course. How are they different? In a resolution, one resolves to make a change and sets out with or sometimes even without a realistic, achievable, measurable, long or short term goal… has or maybe does not have an action plan; a deadline, an accountability factor and usually tends to go full force soon running out of gusto leaving themselves feeling defeated.

A Real SOUL-ution is where one takes the time to follow a proven process to explore deep within, make a commitment to themselves that will be kept (no matter what size, but beginning with what works for them) learns about the art and power of intention, discovers thru daily lessons, affirmations and guided meditations tools that last an entire lifetime; tools that empower you in all areas of life, while connecting with you with your passions, discovering your purpose while having fun with creative projects exploring the art and science of manifesting. All this while being gentle on yourself, knowing who you are is enough and infusing your soul with love and acceptance.

There is something that lights up in my soul when I see a spark go off in a person; a little ‘ah-ha’ of recognition that brings them some knowing, realizing, growing, loving and just plain Spiritual evolving!

My ‘Miracle Box’ may remain ‘empty’ for this coming year as a trial to myself to evolve from old habits, invite the Universe to bring in things I may never even have considered and to challenge even a good habit once in a while!

My challenge to you is find one old habit that you are willing to explore, create some transformation and “glow for it!”

Happy New Year to you all!!! May your life be filled with love, peace, harmony, happiness, gratitude, health, grace and even more than you could ever desire!

In luminescence and Love,