The Path of Least Resistance

The Path of Least Resistance

Today I sat down for a while and thought about the word resistance, and what it means to me at this time in my life. I see that although I am moving forward in many areas of my life, there are a few that are crying for attention. Yes, crying.

I found myself the other night blubbering away, just out of the blue… those deep guttural, what I have come to call ‘Soul Cries.’ They are the ones that you cannot stop, control or end. They are the ones that hurt your forehead so much you will think you will burst and the ones that create a red nose, swollen eyes and all that gunk that goes with it. You know the type, you have no choice, you cannot hold them in any longer, you just have to let the tears and feelings out. Hopefully, along the way you have some welcome relief and receive a message or two in the mix. 

My messages were to get back to my writing. Finish some projects Kelly! It is after all one of things I really enjoy doing and it usually comes to me very easy. Just give me a word and I can write about it. I will pound something off and even find I am somewhat satisfied with the results. I feel that is the way our talents and gifts ‘should’ work.

Well, back to my word resistance… I resisted because I want something else to be my talent. I want to be really good at art, and photography and cooking and being in a mutually healthy relationship with someone I love who loves me. Each day that goes by without these things, I create a crazy story in my head as to why I don’t have them and it so often comes down to the old fear, I am not good enough. 

I have learned so much in my lifetime having lived though and conquered issues that may not even be imaginable by many, yet somehow I seem to stay fairly happy, and balanced. Time after time, I get back on the horse, (so to say) and ride off into yet another sunset or sunrise. I am fairly comfortable with change, even if it not at my doing. I have learned to be more flexible and to get out of my own way. 

When I sit and actually FEEL the energy in the word resistance; to me it feels like an elastic band… stretching out, going back, stretching out and going back. It seems at first glance that the band does not change, yet with each and every stretch, deep down in the fibres, it is stretching. It’s expanding, it’s transforming, it’s venturing into new territory. I like to imagine my life like that as well. Especially in these slower times when I feel like I am incarcerated in some kind of ‘holding cell’ from Spirit. Maybe they are saying slow down, focus, take time to rest, much is coming and you need to be prepared. 

Maybe, there is no such thing as resistance really, except for what we create in our minds. I don’t really see any signs of it in Nature, everything comes and goes for a reason. A raging herd of Elephants don’t go through trees, they go around them. They take the path of least resistance. That made me think of flow, motion, and moving forward. If we can learn to act as Nature acts, we will be fine. 

I am sure I could write more about this and likely will do so in the days, weeks and months ahead. Yet for now, and for this day, I was able to explore something a little deeper than I would normally, challenge myself to take a step out of my own comfort zone and get some writing done without feeling that I am not enough, or the need to be perfect.

I choose the path of least resistance. 

What are you resisting in your life and why? Take a few moments of your day to explore it and create the change you would like to see. Let me know how it goes! 

Clearing Mental Clutter

Clearing Mental Clutter

There is potential for a lot of uncertainty in our lives right now; and it can cause us to get out of balance very quickly leaving us feeling fatigued, unfocused, preoccupied and may even move us from a state of love into a state of fear. There are things that we can control in life and things that we cannot; I encourage us all to focus on what we CAN do.

Our racing thoughts, limiting beliefs we have about our own power, lack of focus, lack of concentration, worrying all the time, and the uncertainty can be draining. We can become stuck in our mindset, not open to others viewpoints, values or beliefs. This could leave us feeling trapped and block the healthy natural flow of life force energy.

In Soul Coaching® we refer to this as Mental/Intellectual Clutter. For inspiration, mental clarity, freedom, perception, communion, and communication we practice embracing the Spirit of Air to assist in clearing these cobwebs of the mind giving us better capacity to discern, analyze, evaluate, and judge. The Element of Air also allows us to see situations from a higher perspective, like a birds eye view of life and what is occurring around and within.

“Though seemingly subtle and unseen, Air is composed of the most rarified energy fields, and we are in constant communion with the vast universe through our breath. With every breath you take, you are inhaling air that has been in every nook and cranny of our world, from the dry region of the Sahara, to the heights of the Himalayas, to the lush and humid Amazon rain forests. The breath that you just took contained at least four hundred thousand of the same argon atoms that Gandhi breathed throughout his life. The air that you are breathing now has been in me, and the breath that I am taking now has been in you.” ~ Denise Linn

10 Ways to Align With the Spirit of Air and Clear Mental Clutter

  • Become aware of the air around you, the winds on your face; feel how it touches you face, your skin. Spend time in your day focusing on your breathing. Take deep breaths and hold them, then release pushing all the air from your lungs. Check in with your breath throughout the day, see if you are holding it due to stress, or breathing at a natural pace and flow.
  • Spend 15-20 minutes in the meditation practice of your choice. Just observe your thoughts without telling need to fix or change anything.
  • Make one commitment to create positive change, something you can keep and maintain by blending it gently into your lifestyle.
  • Become aware of your thoughts, observe the words you choose to use; they both hold powerful energy and can be changed to ones with higher vibrations.
  • Examine your core beliefs; see if these are really who you are now, or have been engineered by others over your lifetime.
  • Schedule time each day to relax and unwind preferably in a space that feels sacred to you.
  • Limit the use of all electronics at least one hour prior to bed; choose to read an inspirational book or listen to soothing music while soaking in an essential oil and Epsom salt bath instead.
  • Journal your thoughts and cares away and/or create a Bedside Altar to place your prayers each evening, recharge your jewelry or malas, or place an inspirational card to focus on as your drift off to sleep.
  • Turn down and soften the lighting in your space. Create a lovely ringtone for your phone alarm so you wake up gently in the morning. Give yourself enough time so you don’t feel rushed.
  • Create a morning routine to carry you through the day; breathing, yoga, gentle stretching, writing about your dreams or any other activity that keeps you feeling connected to your soul and the beautiful and gracious divine source within.

When we invest the time to really observe our thoughts, values and beliefs, we begin to know ourselves at a deep level then begin to attract others who feel the same. We can also observe others while still respecting that they too have values, beliefs and thoughts that may differ from our own. From there we can find common ground on which to build healthy relationships, vibrant communities and even global harmony.

Let go with love.




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