The Path of Least Resistance

The Path of Least Resistance

Today I sat down for a while and thought about the word resistance, and what it means to me at this time in my life. I see that although I am moving forward in many areas of my life, there are a few that are crying for attention. Yes, crying.

I found myself the other night blubbering away, just out of the blue… those deep guttural, what I have come to call ‘Soul Cries.’ They are the ones that you cannot stop, control or end. They are the ones that hurt your forehead so much you will think you will burst and the ones that create a red nose, swollen eyes and all that gunk that goes with it. You know the type, you have no choice, you cannot hold them in any longer, you just have to let the tears and feelings out. Hopefully, along the way you have some welcome relief and receive a message or two in the mix. 

My messages were to get back to my writing. Finish some projects Kelly! It is after all one of things I really enjoy doing and it usually comes to me very easy. Just give me a word and I can write about it. I will pound something off and even find I am somewhat satisfied with the results. I feel that is the way our talents and gifts ‘should’ work.

Well, back to my word resistance… I resisted because I want something else to be my talent. I want to be really good at art, and photography and cooking and being in a mutually healthy relationship with someone I love who loves me. Each day that goes by without these things, I create a crazy story in my head as to why I don’t have them and it so often comes down to the old fear, I am not good enough. 

I have learned so much in my lifetime having lived though and conquered issues that may not even be imaginable by many, yet somehow I seem to stay fairly happy, and balanced. Time after time, I get back on the horse, (so to say) and ride off into yet another sunset or sunrise. I am fairly comfortable with change, even if it not at my doing. I have learned to be more flexible and to get out of my own way. 

When I sit and actually FEEL the energy in the word resistance; to me it feels like an elastic band… stretching out, going back, stretching out and going back. It seems at first glance that the band does not change, yet with each and every stretch, deep down in the fibres, it is stretching. It’s expanding, it’s transforming, it’s venturing into new territory. I like to imagine my life like that as well. Especially in these slower times when I feel like I am incarcerated in some kind of ‘holding cell’ from Spirit. Maybe they are saying slow down, focus, take time to rest, much is coming and you need to be prepared. 

Maybe, there is no such thing as resistance really, except for what we create in our minds. I don’t really see any signs of it in Nature, everything comes and goes for a reason. A raging herd of Elephants don’t go through trees, they go around them. They take the path of least resistance. That made me think of flow, motion, and moving forward. If we can learn to act as Nature acts, we will be fine. 

I am sure I could write more about this and likely will do so in the days, weeks and months ahead. Yet for now, and for this day, I was able to explore something a little deeper than I would normally, challenge myself to take a step out of my own comfort zone and get some writing done without feeling that I am not enough, or the need to be perfect.

I choose the path of least resistance. 

What are you resisting in your life and why? Take a few moments of your day to explore it and create the change you would like to see. Let me know how it goes! 

Bali – The Quest Begins…

Bali – The Quest Begins…

It is still sinking in that I am in Bali… my lifelong dream and my fear at the same time. Why the fear? To travel alone? Not really – perhaps it is intrinsic, bigger than all this, larger than conception itself. Possibly it is the fear of a knowledge deep within. Truth, inner wisdom, ancient knowing, karma, past life connection, divine timing, fate or perhaps it just plain is.

From the rice fields to the busy streets, the store fronts with the cheery shopkeepers, they all have embraced me. Or is it I that have embraced them? Is it the strangers that come up to me ask me if I remember them? How can I feel more at home here that I do at home?

How can I feel more at peace here and more connected here yet so very far from home and all I have to do is look up to the night sky and the stars and their formations and feel the familiarity or walk the broken sidewalks and sense I could do it with my eyes closed? How come the evening chirp, make that the evening squeal of the crickets hits my heart more like song and in the daytime, especially early in the morning the dragonflies as they dance thru the misty skies remind me… of something; of somewhere, of sometime past?

The sun beats down on my skin and my body soaks it all up, it feeds me for I know that I am born of the sun but I do not know how I know. Even the rain dances here. Starting off slow and sweet giving you only one moment before it opens up its heart and dumps its love on the land. The drops hit so hard they jump for joy before settling down once again into the flow. They are the wise ones for they do not know resistance, they fall, they flow; they do not question where or why they are going, they just go. They know no fear, only purpose.

Was my fear really of coming to Bali and travelling alone? My soul already knows the answer; my soul knows only the truth. The fear I held was one of realignment with my Spirit, fear of connection to what I hold as sacred and fear of an intensely powerful transformation.

There is something in me that has now been completed; something for which there are no human words to describe except a knowing, a believing, a trusting that what I feel is true. Something mystical yet authentic and so genuine.

A death has occurred in me yet I feel no sadness for there also has been a birth in me and for that I celebrate. Both will remain to dance together in my womb, twins, never to be separated again. The dark and light, the sad and the happy, it is the true ongoing balance of the yin and the yang.

Wholeness, completion and fresh beginnings forever dancing; frolicking in the waves we call time. This is my Bali. Welcome home.

– Kelly Chamchuk

Turning Scared Into Sacred

Turning Scared Into Sacred

What our body experiences when it’s in a state of fear is similar to what it experiences when it’s in a state of excitement; what differs is the label that our brain puts on it. When we’re up against something that scares us we instinctively respond by going into a state of fight or flight. I’d like to add to another option to that… Fight, flight or freeze!

I am a freezer, have been for a while… I do nothing! Sometimes I can’t even verbalize what I am feeling as even my voice freezes; my feelings freeze, my senses freeze, and I shut down. I get the ‘deer in the headlights’ look even as I see ‘something’ coming straight towards me.

Since I’m a lover not a fighter, fighting is not an option and deep down I know that running away is not the answer either so I just collapse, I go deep, I ‘do dark.’ I shut my eyes and make it all disappear. What really happens is that I disappear, everything else remains the same. My monkey mind takes control and out comes the hamster wheel so around and around I go until one day my heart once again speaks up and says “Hello? Remember me?”

Then from the deep dark hollow pit that I created and encouraged to swallow my self up, I must rise again; climbing… like hiking on mud in a rainstorm, grasping at the ever failing foundation with every ounce of energy I have until once again I make it out. Have I ever thought about asking for help along the way? Not really. Maybe someone could have handed me a ladder or thrown me a rope or perhaps shone their flashlight on my path just for a moment. Maybe I would have accepted their assistance? Maybe?

I know Mother Nature is always there for me, so I bask in the beauty of the stars and the moon and feel the warmth from the sun and allow her to nurture me so I connect with her often. She speaks to me and gives me important signs and signals, yet I notice something deep inside still crying. Beginning as a whisper, a little one; a gentle one, I could quiet it with a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine or two or three. It sure wants to be heard; it shows me pictures in my mind and puts songs on the radio and tells me stories in my dreams but now is screaming “You WILL hear me!”

“Who are you?” I finally asked.
“I am your soul,” she replied.
“What do you want,” I really wanted to know.
“I want to be loved by you and one other,” she stated softly.
“That’s it?” I asked wondering if it could be that easy.
“That is IT, and don’t think for a minute that it is going to be easy! There are things that
you must learn first,” she said wisely.

“Oh great,” I thought, “now what?”
She answered, “You recognize Fight, Flight and Freeze but you have yet to recognize the
most powerful healer of all – Face!”

“I cannot imagine…” I began.

She stopped me sarcastically saying “I know!” She continued with, “Everything the Universe will bring you now will be to teach you… just as it has always been, but this time – you will know of the lesson in advance. There will be many choices and we know you don’t like them either, yet you WILL make them. Do not label them with your good and bad; that is not what matters here. What matters is that you are moving forward, thawing the ice in your heart so you can get back into the joyous flow of life!”

She kept on speaking; “To be scared is to be scar-ed dear one. Each fright leaves a scar on me and on you – the physical garment the holds me. It is best for us both that you invest in your self – learn to face these things that frighten you, face these things you call fear.” She paused for only a moment then whispered, “Are you ready to be un-scared? Ask your self, if not now, when? In one week, in a month, in a year, in another lifetime? Decide when, decide now and when you are ready, let me know.”

Oh, it all sounds good on paper, I thought as I imagined myself in a year from now, two years from now and then at the end of this life. There were a lot of blank spaces that could have been filled in… “So how do I face my fears?” I bravely yet not so bravely asked the wise one.

This is what she said:

“Know that you have the WILL in you, each and every one of you is born with it. It is time to invest in your self. Know that a fear named is a fear tamed so name it dear one and make it as comical as you can; if you can laugh at it, you are half way there. Ask yourself what is the worst case scenario and if you could live with that, and knowing you, you likely have already lived with much worse, oh and in case you fear death – you have already lived through that too and look at you now! What is the best case scenario? How does that feel? Hold on to that for a few minutes, maybe just a few minutes more… Does this make it feel any less scary? Then just keep on doing this until all of this what you call fear is gone, and trust me, something better will take its place. It will be something strong, something noble and something sacred.”

The word sacred comes from the Latin word sacrum, referring to the Gods or anything in their power. Be in your power. Make the decision to FACE your fears. Live sacred.



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