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Vision Boards are one of the most powerful manifestation tools used to visualize your dreams, goals and aspirations in life! They help you focus on what it is you really want to create. Everything we attract in to our life begins with a mental image of it, those thoughts we hold in our mind… With the creation of your very own vision board you can ensure those thoughts and images are positive and on target for what you want to create.

You can use this process to create an ‘overall feeling’ for your life or use it to zoom in on a special aspect or goal you wish to achieve.

Once created, your board will inspire and motivate you by building and reinforcing that mental picture in your mind and bring it to reality.

Let the Universe look after the HOW TO DO IT… all you have to concern yourself with is the WHAT!

With the Soul Coaching® Vision Board Collage process we also spend time tapping in to the feeling of the moment, and then ‘activate’ your board further, intensifying your experience!

This process is great for an individual, a group of friends, and companies and organizations of any size.

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The Collage (Vision Board) Workshop was an experience like no other! Shared in truths about each other, giggled like children and walked away feeling a calm. Loved it, loved it all!


Llawrey Godin

Realator, ReMax Coquitlam, BC