Do you feel there are blockages in your journey to a better shape, a healthier lifestyle, improved self-esteem and especially increased self love? Experience this revolutionary program that initiates profound changes in the body, in your energy, and in your heart; from the inside out! No more resolutions… This program offers Real-SOUL-utions.

Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body

A 28-Day Jump-Start Program for Radiant Health and Glorious Vitality 

Your body is sending you information on a daily basis: be it in symptoms you experience, pains you have, extra weight we carry, and even in our dreams… every single cell has a story! Using this 28-Day jump-start health and wellness program based on Denise Linn’s original Soul Coaching® Program – you’ll unweave hidden blockages within your DNA to initiate your natural life-force energy and your body’s spiritual sparkling radiance!

As a result of completing this program you will find yourself:

  • Releasing shame and other emotions that prevent you from cherishing the body that you have, no matter what shape it is.
  • Able to better understand how your environment has an impact on your overall health
  • Realizing why you were born with your specific body.
  • Uncovering the spiritual lessons you’re receiving from your body in this lifetime.
  • Gaining tools to support you in strengthening and healing your body from the inside-out.
  • Discovering the astonishing correlation between your body and your life.
  • Moving into health with greater ease and joy than you thought possible.
  • Activating powerful cellular rebalancing of your body.
  • Recognizing how your intuition and soul speak to you through your physical body.
  • Aligning your body with your life purpose.
  • Learning the mystical correlation between your body and your life.
  • Understanding how clutter clearing can improve and even heal your health challenges.

By utilizing the energy of the elements in nature – Air, Water, Fire, and Earth ~ this program encourages you to clear away old limitations so you can truly begin to claim your luminous, vital, glorious body. You will receive support and guidance from me along the way. I am here to help you tune in to your inner voice and empower you to create the life you truly want to live ~ full of joy, love, happiness, success and whatever you may desire! You will receive daily encouraging and inspirational posts plus coaching, mentoring, feedback and support PLUS enjoy the synergy of a group setting with your like minded/hearted peers through our private Facebook group.

This 28-Day Program which is based on Denise Linn’s original Soul Coaching® program takes you on a heartfelt journey into the vast inner universe of your body, where mysteries dwell as great as any that can be found in the heavenly bodies above. There are wondrous secrets in your cells, glands, and organs that can unveil countless insights about your life. As the messages are revealed to you, your radiance expands and your body becomes lighter and freer. Your body is a receiving station that is constantly absorbing deeply meaningful messages from the world around you. However, you can’t hear those messages if your body is clogged with inner static. This interference doesn’t just come from lack of exercise or an overload of junk food; in the deepest sense, it’s a result of self-imposed, limiting beliefs and fears that have become lodged in your energy field.

Once you have committed yourself to the program, life seems to unfold in a remarkable, almost magical, way. Declare that you are ready to discover your authentic self, and are willing to dedicate one month of your life to doing it, and the loving forces of the universe will coalesce to propel you in the direction of your destiny. Synchronistic events and seeming “coincidences” begin to expand exponentially in your life.

The aim of Soul Coaching is to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life. It helps you to clear away mental and emotional clutter so you can hear the messages from within. It also helps you to discover your purpose so you can design a life that supports that purpose.

How is This Health Program is Different from Others?

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This 28-Day program is a powerful, inner cleansing system based on three premises:

  • Everything is energy – including your body! The choices you make, the thoughts you think, the people you spend time with, the food you eat, …all of these affect the energy fields that make up your body. You will learn what you can do to release the internal mental and emotional stagnation to become more vibrant.
  • Everything is in a constant state of change. No matter what shape your body is in, how overweight it is, or what health challenges you’re facing, you can transform your health.
  • Everything has consciousness.  Every gland, organ, and cell in your body has an awareness with which you can communicate and even influence.

By utilizing the elemental energies of Air/intellectual, Water/emotions, Fire/spirit, and Earth/physical; this program allows you (in as little as 10-15 minutes per day) to connect with your spiritual source and find deeper meaning, purpose, plus add ceremony and sacredness to your everyday life while facing fears, clearing blockages and addressing non-serving beliefs or patterns.

Through practical lessons, 28 daily guided audio meditations, 28 powerful affirmations, creative projects ideas for healing and/or manifesting you are encouraged to truthfully explore your life. You’ll experience how to challenge your negative beliefs, face your fears, become even more motivated and inspired, leaving you feeling more balanced, whole and focused like never before! Learn to live more in the now and have clarity to pursue the life of your dreams.

How Can I Do the Program with My Busy Life?

No matter how busy you are or how hectic your life is, you can do this program. It is designed so anyone can do it. There are daily lessons, which are divided into three levels. You choose the level at which to participate.

Level One: “Commitment to Change” Includes doing the Level One exercises usually takes 15-30 minutes a day.

Level Two: “Going for It” Includes doing both Level One and Level Two exercises and will usually take 30 -60 minutes a day.

Level Three: “Playing Full Out” Includes doing the Level One, Level Two, and Level Three exercises, and it takes as long as it takes.

Most of us, when we were growing up were taught to judge ourselves harshly if we didn’t do things perfectly. You don’t have to be perfect for this program to work miracles in your life. It works in spite of feeling you didn’t do it right.

Daily Affirmations

Every day you will be given a carefully chosen affirmation that is appropriate to the lesson for the day. Affirmations work! They work because what we focus on is often what we create for ourselves.

Official Coaching package includes;

Daily coaching and mentoring via a private Facebook group | Downloadable/printable lessons | 3 levels of mastery | 28 daily affirmations | Downloadable audio soul journey meditations by Denise Linn | How to create a home altar | And so much MORE!!!

Valued at over $999 USD

Register for only $299!!!

BONUS: All participants will be encouraged to participate in the PRIVATE Facebook group to share their progress, receive daily inspirations on their journey and meet new friends & like minded/hearted people on similar paths.

Value: Priceless!

Personal Projects Include: Setting intentions, making sacred contracts, vision boards & creating a sacred altar.

WEEK ONE ~ AIR WEEK ~ Attain clarity through cleansing mental clutter.

WEEK TWO ~ WATER WEEK ~ Create inner peace by emotional clutter clearing.

WEEK THREE ~ FIRE WEEK ~ Connect with your beautiful intimate Spirit within.

WEEK FOUR ~ EARTH WEEK ~ Clear the Physical Clutter – Bring balance to life.

There is no need for perfection to work miracles in your life. This program assists you in connecting to the wisdom of your body and aligns your intentions with those of health and vitality!

This course that I have taken with Kelly was a total awakening!  During the awesome 28 day journey, I made some amazing shifts, I felt at peace with myself and my life, it was a transformation.  I feel more present and ALIVE!  During his program I created strong bonds and relationships with people I haven’t met in this lifetime…but know that we were soul-sisters in another time. I absolutely would recommend this course with Kelly to anyone.  .  I would not trade my soul sisters for ANYTHING!

Jackie Sab

Educator, Winnipeg, Canada

When I first did this program I was truly amazed with the processes which walked me through so many areas of life, to reach deep down to my soul to discover the blockages from beliefs I have carried for my lifetime (and past lives too!) Doing this program helped me feel free of what other people thought of me, but also dramatically changed the way I perceived my self & my body image. Having always been a larger person, I learned to love myself and honour my body for what it truly is, a sacred vessel for my soul.

Kelly Chamchuk

Soul Coaching Master Practitioner and Trainer

Participants find that once they have committed themselves to the program, their life begins to unfold in positive ways! 

Denise Linn

Program Creator

The Next Group Online Program is January 2019

Start the program at any time, proceed at your own pace and begin to live life with deep understanding of yourself. Contact Kelly by e-mail TODAY!