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My experience with Kelly and her coaching abilities has changed a great part of how I view my life experiences. This course made me stronger and has directed me in a positive light. I would definitely take courses with Kelly in the future. Abundance! I really enjoyed the projects especially the Spirit Sticks. Thank you Kelly for changing my life in so many ways. You are a wonderful person to be around and I love, love, love your spirit!

Karen Fast

Hair Stylist, Maple Ridge, BC

Kelly is a wonderful soul coach with passion and knowledge what she is teaching. I saw the benefits of doing the soul coaching in the group with the support of other members but the most support was from Kelly. Thank you for this wonderful experience. And thank you for the bonus with Terry Bowen’s past life journey, it was amazing.

Deepa Gehani

Toronto, Canada

Kelly Chamchuk’s 28 Day Soul Coaching Journey was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Each day was filled with clear intention and an unconditional sense of loving guidance that eased me through the process of self-discovery. Throughout the 28 day journey, I learned about myself and the world around me, which helped me to clear through important life changing moments to find clarity and enhanced spirit. It is a life changing experience; Kelly is a master guide to self-love, expanded vision and possibility. I highly recommend this course to anyone ready to embrace positive change, improve relationships, and discover their expanded life purpose.

Sharon Reid

Sacramento, California

I would highly recommend to pass through sheer depth and all grace of this experience provoking such a great self-discoveries and testing one’s readiness to live their truth, then leading one to inner changes and shifts in their whole attitude and approach to Life. It is a mind-blowing journey to one’s authentic Self.

Irina Likholet

Kitchener, Ontario

This was a wonderful opportunity for me to deal with items in a pleasant environment. I had no set agenda or idea of what this was all about. Kelly puts her clients in a relaxed state and then takes notes about what’s going on while she guides you through a session where you let your mind wander. This was a fantastic  opportunity to really allow myself to know more about me and my future. It’s not guided mediation, but more valuable because this is coming from me. I found my session to be energizing on a day that was full of bad news and was able to walk away feeling confident and good about me. Enjoy a treat for yourself-you deserve it.

D.R. – Abbotsford, BC, Canada


Abbotsford, Canada

Kelly has proved to be an absolutely invaluable person to engage for her advice and deep knowledge as an Interior Alignment Practitioner/Feng Shui Practitioner, as well as, her spiritual guidance as an Oracle Card Reader.  With respect to her interior alignment/Feng Shui work, I would not have thought it was possible to achieve such brilliant advice on the energy flow on one’s home to the depth Kelly has achieved, given she is on the other side of the world.  (I am in Sydney and Kelly is in Canada). But that has been my experience with her.  Her long distance advice on the alignment of the energy in my home and with that, her Feng Shui guidance on the most auspicious placement of furniture and items around my home has been amazing!  Without a doubt, Kelly’s advice has facilitated an re-alignment of the energy flow in my home leading to an increase in the level of calm, harmony and creative flow for me and my partner.
Kelly simply engaged with me via skype, had me answer specific questions about how I felt about each aspect of the home and provide her with photos of each room. Then, she took me on a guided meditation through my home to engage with it spiritually, emotionally and energetically before then, producing an in-depth report on the many positive ‘fixes’ to improve the energy flow throughout every single aspect of my house.  She has an incredibly keen eye for detail and clearly a deep spiritual connection to have produced what she has delivered to me.  As for her Oracle Card reading with me, I was enchanted by the ease with which she shared insights and guidance which was incredibly accurate.  She is a beautiful clear channel and I had no doubt her guidance was coming from a very pure and spiritually high place.
I would highly recommend Kelly for anyone looking for guidance and support on how to change the energy in their home or any space for that matter and most definitely, an Oracle Card Reading to answer those burning questions about the future!
Michelle Capper

Sydney, Australia

I recently had the pleasure of Kelly Chamchuk conduct a space clearing for my home. I wasn’t entirely sure of what this would involve but Kelly was exceptional at explaining and guiding me through the process. We met initially to review what it was that I wanted for my home – improvements, energy and feelings I had about my space. Kelly did this in a way that I felt was very cathartic! I then drew up plans of my home (Kelly assured me this did not have to be an artist’s rendering) so that she could create the perfect space clearing ritual for my home. When she came to do the space clearing, I was completely awed by her professionalism and knowledge of the process. Kelly has the seemingly natural ability to put one at ease with a feeling of calm, while at the same time, she is effortlessly working away. I was amazed at the extensive amount of work she put into my space clearing. When it was completed, I felt I had learned a great deal and had been involved in a wonderful experience. My home feels at peace! Thank you, Kelly!
Cindy Seitz - Graphic Designer

Coquitlam, BC, Canada

I enjoyed every aspect of the 28 Day Soul Coaching Program! You were very prepared right from the begining of the course! My three favorite things were the Soul Mission Collage, The Spirit Stick and the weekly discussions. Don’t change a thing! I have to say those meditations have made a difference in my thought process and I actually have felt more at peace and connected to my spirit, and so early in the process.


Ann Marie Roberts - Therapeutic Tutor

Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Nothing beats having a Coach like Kelly. I have often tried to teach myself something by reading a book & it is an inferior experience to being availed a professional’s take on a subject matter. Kelly is fluent in Soul Coaching — and the processes that move you through. She gently nudged me with the homework — especially to make altars. At first this made NO sense to this left brained woman (me), but I did take her suggestion & had shifts. As the course & Kelly’s counsel continued I could feel a shift and then adjustments in my old perspectives. Kelly had the courage to point out places where adjustments for us all might change. The broad strokes presented make it possible to have them fit various parts of life.
I also appreciated her sensitivity in validating my desires. Thank you “Coach Kelly” I still follow you to this day & watch for you to pop up with other programs.
Mary Sankus

Los Angeles, California

We had the pleasure of having Kelly come to our house for a clearing. We were invited to fully participate in the entire process and it was both intense and rewarding. Kelly was kind, warm and professional and we would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

The house cleansing/clearing/sealing procedure is such a lengthy and in depth event that it is impossible to due justice to it in a short comment; one highlight from the initial consultation was the suggestion that a mirror in a bedroom was negatively affecting the space and should be relocated. We removed it that day and it was as if a warm glowing light was switched on where the mirror was located. There was a complete transformation of the entire room!
Jackie and Chris

Maple Ridge, BC

Your story is as good as anything I’ve read in “self help” books. You explained yourself and your journey beautifully. It was a fascinating read.

Natalie Speckmaier


Kelly is incredibly creative with an eye for detail picking up the beauty in everything she sees. This ability along with her communication skills, deep compassion for those who are in need of guidance, wonderful administration attributes, especially to connect in the cyber world and last but not least her love of the shamanic world make her an amazing coach, space clearer and Feng Shui practitioner. I was very impressed with her attention to detail.

Sharon Breslin - Owner - LifeStyle Journeys

Melbourne, Australia

Kelly is a sensitive and caring Coach. The program is a wonderful tool to help one look at ones self and the way life is perceived from our own beliefs. A way to inspire clearing away the clutter around us but the greater benifit is clearing the clutter within.

Mary Brooks - Medium

BC, Canada

WOW! What an amazing experience I have had since working with Kelly. She has given me focus and clarity in an area of my life I have struggled with for years!

Terry Bowen - Founder - The Direction Within

London, UK

Kelly is a great intuitive Soul Coach and made me go deep within my body to release pent up emotions. I felt loved and very safe during the Soul Journey. Thank you! She is also a great vibrational healer!

Charisma Fernando - Account Representative

Toronto, Canada

Kelly has an amazing gift of insight and compassion. As her teacher, and now her friend, I am continually uplifted by her ability to deeply understand those in need, and also communicate in a way that reaches into their soul.

Kelly is a consummate Soul Coach, Feng Shui Practitioner, and healer. She is also a very gifted author. If you choose Kelly as your coach or consultant, you will have an experience where you feel cherished and deeply heard. Kelly has a depth of compassion, and ability to create a safe and sacred space that allows her clients to find their deepest truths, and move through personal struggles, into a space of joy and acceptance.

LuAnn Cibik- Founder and CEO of Inner Harmony

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Kelly is a highly creative, intelligent and compassionate soul with whom it has been my great pleasure to collaborate. Not only is her chapter in the book Soul Whispers II highly regarded by the book’s readers but her assistance in proof reading this book during production proved invaluable. Kelly is a multitalented and committed Soul Coach whose services I personally recommend.

Sophia Fairchild - Editor & Publisher at Soul Wings Press

Sydney, Australia

What other people have shared;

“This program is truly transformational whether I was able to commit ten minutes or two hours daily. It has helped my motivation and opened up opportunities as I physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically released clutter Although I have been through the program before this was a deeper experience and Kelly’s inclusion of different types of media which really helped create a connection with the group that was safe, supportive and always available.”

“Kelly Chamchuk is a great coach! Her program is very inspiring, and life changing! I had positive results, that have brought about a new change in my thinking, and lifestyle!!!

“I recommend this program to every single person who wants to know & love him/herself better. It’s for every single soul who’s interested in living a better life & wants to be in harmony with their inner self & the world around.”

“I have to say that starting an online 28 day soul coaching journey was a little overwhelming and I wasn’t sure how I would get enough information or support over the internet. I am very happy to say that Kelly, not only bonded easily and in a very professional manner. She also became our friend and mentor. Her expert advice and knowledge, helped turn our thoughts around when we hit a stumbling block. She was able to redirect us with ease and give us advice with out it being opinionated. Even if you miss a little of the program, you never miss out on what you need to learn during the process. You can work at your own pace, contribute as much or as little as you feel comfortable with and still grow through obstacles that are holding you back.”

“Her compassionate heart, kind eyes and wise soul touched me on a deep level. Kelly was a huge part of my transformation in life. She is a powerful Soul Coach!”

~Delana Casey -Soul Coach and Hydrotherapist, California, USA

“Kelly’s natural warmth and skill made me feel relaxed and comfortable immediately.I found her caring and natural ease allowed me to face long held blockages which dissolved under her guidance.”

~Krisayah Messenger – Author, Lecturer – Harrowgate, England, UK

“Kelly is a dynamic and powerful Coach! She really cares about everyone and comes from a place of love and integrity. If you are looking for someone who will support you as you create the life of your dreams, contact Kelly! I highly recommend her and her services!

~Sandra Larson – Intuitive Coach Animal Communicator – Dallas, Texas

“Kelly is an amazing Soul Coach, I have seen her evolve as a professional and an individual. In my experience, I have found that the most valuable mentors and guides, are the ones who have lived and overcomed life challenges themselves, as now the can show the way. Kelly is one of those few, and I know she has the strengh, courage and expertise to do guide others. “

~Noemi Perera – Main Consultant at Ketsi Design – Jupiter, Florida