SYNCHRO – ALIGNMENT – A Guided Journey

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Find out what it is that you truly year for. It may be something other than what your conscious mind already is aware of. Allow Kelly to safely guide you and retrieve information buried deep in your subconscious. This unique process can assist you to;

  • Connect with the Spirit of your home
  • Find your home guardian(s)
  • Identify clutter zones
  • Find power spots in home or business
  • See the home as a metaphor for life
  • Visioning the future of the home
  • Choosing a new home or office space
  • Find how the home can better support you and you goals / desires.
  • During this interactive guided meditative process, Kelly will gently ‘walk’ you through your home (or other space) and intuitively connect to guide you often with truly amazing, insightful and informative results.

Kelly also incorporate this practise in her Space Clearing work where clients have identified areas of concern and is able to energetically clear the space during the process.

This service can provided alone or find it included in each Feng Shui consultation. It can be performed in person or via Skype or Facebook Chat.