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Spirit Stick Workshops

The process of creating a Spirit Stick is like creating a symbolic depiction of your life. It can have a remarkable affect on your psyche and can even influence the circumstances of your life in mystical ways. It is never too late to heal your past. With the help of guided meditations called Soul Journeys, you will observe what area of your life requires healing, clear those blockages and create a path to wellness of body, mind and spirit.

In this unique workshop inspired by Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching® Program, Kelly will guide you on a journey of healing or manifesting, whatever it is your heart and soul desires…

Spend your day de-stressing and learn valuable and practical tools to heal your past while creating a piece of original symbolic art. Ceremony and ritual have long been a part of the human condition because they allow us to focus our thoughts, dreams, and desires into a conscious form. Creating a spirit stick can bring clarity; understanding and healing to your life. Some time is spent in silence so you can be with your thoughts and journal them as the day goes on. This is an important aspect to the process and you will be truly amazed by the messages you receive.

Empower yourself by taking this journey through your past or towards your future and create feelings and memories that reinforce your life in positive ways. Change the meaning of anything not so positive to super positive. Once completed, you will have and hold a beautiful piece of symbolic artwork to remind you of your unique journey plus had the opportunity to release old patterns, let go of old limiting beliefs and clear stagnant emotions.

*All materials are supplied however you must bring your own ‘stick’ to this workshop. Kelly will provide details upon registration.

Personal Investment – $99 Per Person

Can’t make it to a scheduled workshop? Connect with Kelly to customize a Spirit Stick Workshop to meet your groups needs or hold your own Sprit Stick Party. Alternatively, complete one in the privacy of your home by purchasing a unique and intuitively created, do it yourself Spirt Stick Kit from Kelly’s online boutique.


Creating a ‘Spirit Stick’ was an enriching experience that wove a path of inner reflection and wonder… as my Presence carefully selected the decorative aspects of the stick and revealed to me the importance of each in the silence of the activity. A journey worth taking many times over…


Owner, Heart Unfolding Transformation Consulting, Saskatoon, Sk.