Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing does MORE than remove the stuck, stagnant or dense energy; it also infuses the space with the energy desired by the client.

In Elemental Space Clearing®, additional healing methods of special Mudras are used along with essential oils to transform the energy of your room, home or office.

Service Includes;

In person consultation

Finger Mapping Process (offsite pre-clearing)

On-Site Clearing (usually one – two hours)

You provide; hand drawn floor plan

Kelly provides; all space clearing tools, on-site Altar to hold the space during ceremony, customized blessing.

Service Includes;

Consultation by phone or Skype

Finger Mapping Process

Off-Site Clearing (usually one hour)

You provide; hand drawn floor plan

Kelly provides; all space clearing tools, photo of custom Altar to hold the space during ceremony, customized blessing.

Space Clearing is a process used in cultures all over the world to cleanse and remove stagnant and unwanted energy from a space, then bless and pour the clients intentions to the space to evoke a wonderful uplifting feeling.

The Four Steps of Space Clearing:

1. Preparation – Meeting the client, obtaining floor plan and intentions for the space, meditation and finger mapping process

2. Purification – The process of the clearing using a variety of tools, products and practices

3. Invocation – Blessing for the home and the people who live there

4. Preservation – Settling the energy and sealing the space

When to Have a Space Clearing?

Moving into a new home. 

After Divorce. 

New Relationship. 

Releasing a home for sale. 

After Illness. 

New Job. 

Building new home. 

After Death of loved one. 

New baby or family member. 

New Project or habit. 

After purchasing antiques. 

New arrangement of space. 

Release negative habits. 

After arguments. 

Preparing for a life change. 

To release ghosts. 

To clear astral energies. 

To create clarity in life. 

To create a feeling of safety and protection.

In addition, Shamanic Journeys help you to connect with the Spirit or Guardian of the Home or energetically speak to the clearing tools, the home altar or the client’s higher self.

Kelly has performed a distance space clearing ceremony for my new home and the difference in the energy was immediate and palpable. She’s such a loving and talented practitioner. It’s been a pleasure working with her! We love the wonderful energy she’s created for us. Birkan McClendon

I recently had the pleasure of Kelly Chamchuk conduct a space clearing for my home. I wasn’t entirely sure of what this would involve but Kelly was exceptional at explaining and guiding me through the process. We met initially to review what it was that I wanted for my home – improvements, energy and feelings I had about my space. Kelly did this in a way that I felt was very cathartic! I then drew up plans of my home (Kelly assured me this did not have to be an artist’s rendering) so that she could create the perfect space clearing ritual for my home. When she came to do the space clearing, I was completely awed by her professionalism and knowledge of the process. Kelly has the seemingly natural ability to put one at ease with a feeling of calm, while at the same time, she is effortlessly working away. I was amazed at the extensive amount of work she put into my space clearing. When it was completed, I felt I had learned a great deal and had been involved in a wonderful experience. My home feels at peace! Thank you, Kelly!


Cindy Seitz

Graphic Designer

We had the pleasure of having Kelly come to our house for a clearing. We were invited to fully participate in the entire process and it was both intense and rewarding. Kelly was kind, warm and professional and we would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

The house cleansing/clearing/sealing procedure is such a lengthy and in depth event that it is impossible to due justice to it in a short comment; one highlight from the initial consultation was the suggestion that a mirror in a bedroom was negatively affecting the space and should be relocated. We removed it that day and it was as if a warm glowing light was switched on where the mirror was located. There was a complete transformation of the entire room!
Jackie and Chris

Maple Ridge, BC