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“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart.

Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

– Carl Jung

What is a Soul Journey?

Be held in Sacred Space and expect the unexpected when you travel inside yourself to get the answers to your questions. Choose to explore something specific or trust where we are guided. The soul loves the truth and your answers are inside just waiting to come to the surface! Each session is unique as Kelly creates a safe place for you then connects with her guidance for these interactive and truly informative guided meditation sessions.

We begin by exploring what you would like to address during the journey. I may draw some cards to assist in focusing on what’s needed at this time or sometimes we jump right in. We are always deeply guided during these sessions. You are in complete control during the session, conscious, yet deeply relaxed.

What to Expect?

  1. Kelly will help you relax with breathing techniques – all you have to do is create a quiet and relaxed space near your computer
  2. You are free to follow Kelly’s guidance or journey on your own trusting that whatever occurs is for your highest good
  3. Journey’s can be as interactive as you choose, sharing what you see, sense, feel, or experience, feel free to record the session for future playback
  4. After the journey Kelly will share some insights to assist you moving forward.

Suggestions for Soul Journeys

Meet your Soul: Go to a beautiful place in nature or in a sacred temple or sanctuary and ask your soul if there is something specific that needs to be brought to the surface.

Connect with a Messenger: Set out on this journey with the intention of meeting a sage or wise one, an angel or ancestor, a spirit guide or any messenger with something of value to share.

Meet your Spirit Animal: Every person has at least one animal totem aligned with their soul. Take a journey to meet your and build the relationship to gain understanding of what they bring to your life. You may be able to shape shift to become the animal.

Charka Balancing and Healing: This journey is deeply healing and helps to assist in clearing energetic blockages.

Not sure? Allow Kelly to intuitively guide you to what you need at this time, we never know what will come up, but it’s always what you need.

Have a question, just ask? Many people find answers for general advice, help with a relationship, and resolutions to conflicts by going on a Soul Journey. It is a safe and sacred process and can be performed by Skype or Facebook Video. Your appointment is booked in advance and payment can be made via PayPal.

To schedule your personal Soul Journey please connect with Kelly here TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT 

Personal Investment  – $120 / One Hour Session (Please allow yourself quiet time before and after your session for maximum results)

Kelly is like a shining star who guides you to the places inside of you that are needed to explore, to connect on a deeper level with your own soul. She does that with a softness that makes it easy to explore and you feel comfortable in an instant. I received a soul journey from her that really touched my soul.

Eveline Couvee