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Soul Coaching® is a powerful process to remove blockages, limitations and barriers to your authentic self. It’s a remarkable journey that inspires you to hear the messages and inspirations from your soul. Your own personal healing journey begins at very deep levels while in training and after graduation you can assist others on this amazing life-altering journey of deep exploration.

The aim of Soul Coaching is to align one’s inner spiritual life with their outer day to day life. This empowering system helps to clear away mental, emotional, and physical clutter so your client can hear those secret messages from their soul. It helps them to discover their true purpose in life and gives them tools to design and support that purpose. Soul Coaching goes above and beyond regular life coaching which focuses more on the attainment of goals. It is not therapy; it is a guided inward journey to the core of your being so you can touch that sacred space within. It’s truly transformational…

“At the edge of the mind awaits the holy wilderness of the soul. It beckons you, like an ancient forest filled with vast mysteries and wonders. Soul Coaching® is a simple path of the heart to the temple that dwells at its depth”.
~ Denise Linn
Soul Coaching®

What Personal Results Will You Gain From This Certification Program?

The most common feedback heard from people who’ve taken the Soul Coaching® program is that it was such a profound turning point in their life. For almost everyone, a remarkable transformation occurs in his or her days during the training as personal blockages and limitations dissolve and self-esteem and confidence expands which creates a sacred space for inner peace to grow.

What Personal Results Will You Gain From This Certification Program?

Questions You Will Answer For Yourself:

  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • What are my values?
  • What am I meant to do in my life?
  • What blocks my freedom and how can I overcome these barriers?
  • How can I make a difference in the world?
  • What is my ultimate form of contribution to the world?
Kelly Teaching

During this Course you will:

  • Embark on a life assessment
  • Understand the specific turning points in your your life
  • Discover your personal spiritual allies
  • Overcome recurring fears
  • Release victim-like thinking and choose your future
  • Awake an inner peace and illuminate your soul
  • Learn how to live a spirit led life in today’s world
  • Create a vision seed map (collage) to empower your future
  • Awaken your true potential
  • Create a Spirit stick and other creative projects
  • Learn how to lead groups through a 28-day program
  • And so much more…
What you will learn
What you will learn

What You Will Learn and Experience:

  • How to Conduct an Effective Client Interview
  • What are the most effective questions to ask
  • How to individualize the questions
  • What you should never ask
  • How to create a client profile to assist your sessions

How to Build Rapport:

One of the best things a coach can do is create a feeling of trust and and safety with the client. In this program you will learn many techniques that will support you and your clients’ relationship and connection to each other such as;

  • Mirroring and matching
  • Synchro-breathing
Sacred Space

How to Create Sacred Space:

  • Learn how the coaching environment is crucial to the results.
  • Understand the meanings of the four elements and how to best utilize these deep forces into your practice
  • Learn to create an environment that provides optimum healing energy for your sessions
  • Discover how to clear a space and spiritually cleanse yourself and others before or after a coaching session
  • Tap in to the art and science of Feng Shui and how simple adjustments can enhance your sessions making them even more effective
  • Learn how to use essential oils to contribute to the healing work

How to Guide your Client on a Soul Journey:

One of the unique methods used by soul coaches is a process called a soul journey which is a special guided interactive visualization meditation that allows one access to deep and profound hidden messages.

  • Learn how to get your client into a deep relaxed state easily and effortlessly
  • Understand how to utilize ancient breath methods for deepening the journey
  • Practice hyper relaxation techniques
  • Acquire the five most valuable phrases and specific words to use during the process
  • Gather empowering resolution techniques to change the meaning of events
  • Discover how your clients can integrate their messages into their daily lives
Vision Board

Assist Your Clients to Achieve Their Dreams:

After the deep exploration and clearing of the clutter along the way, you can assist and guide your client’s to reach their dreams, and live fuller lives by focusing on passion and purpose coming from their most authentic self.

  • How to assist your clients to dissolve limitations
  • Learn how to create a vision seat map (Soul Collage)
  • Learn about the modern day alchemy of clutter clearing
  • Discover power-affirmations to use in your sessions and why usual affirmations often don’t work

Perform the Sacred Art of Soul Clearings:

Bell Clearing: Personal chakra and auric field clearing with the use of a bell

Feather Clearing: Personal chakra and auric field clearing with the use of a feather

Spirit Inspirations: These are creative projects that can help open a sacred portal to the realm of spirit. Here are six different options you can provide for a group.

  • Soul Map Collage /Vision Seed Map: Through the creation of a sacred collage you powerfully seed dreams for the future.
  • Miracle Box: This is a powerful tool for manifesting your life through the creation of a sacred magical box to seed your dreams for the future.
  • Spirit Sticks: These are sticks that are decorated in a sacred process to heal, manifest or open doors into inner realms.
  • Spirit Pillow: This is a pillow you create to help make your dreams come true: “Sleep on It, Make It Real”.
  • Spirit Bag: This a drawstring bag in which to place special objects—a Bag of Possibilities—”It’s in the Bag”.
  • Spirit Necklace: These necklaces are Circles of Power with each bead and intention you are giving energy to.

Successfully Building Your Coaching Practice:

  • How to craft and bless a successful business plan
  • Get your message out to the world in an effective manner
  • Learn strategies for growing your business
  • Discover the various components of creating effective advertising materials
  • Learn successful marketing strategies
  • Promote your business through introductory lectures
  • How to choose the best times and locations for your classes
  • How to convert your audience into clients
  • How to develop the 28-day program for your clients
  • How to expand your prosperity and abundance working as a professional certified soul coach

Ways You Can Work With Your Clients:

One-on-One:  Guide clients through the 28-day program, adding your own profound meditative Soul Journeys.

Groups:  Create a group experience and meet for weekly sessions in person and for additional connection, stay in touch through an e-group or Facebook during the process.

Online:  Not everyone has the time or geographical advantage to be able to attend a group program, so online Soul Coaching® with a professional certified Soul Coach™ is perfect for these people. With online coaching, clients have the advantage of going through life changes while in the comfort of their own home.  This can be done one-on-one or with a group. Stay connected vis e-group, Facebook Private Groups, e-mail or messages during the process.

The material learned in Soul Coaching® is beneficial for coaches of any type looking to deepen their experience with clients and get to the heart of the matter. If you work in any field that requires you to understand people better, you can begin by learning about yourself at deep levels. It is truly an eye opening experience when you begin to look at people from a soul perspective seeing each like the beautiful sparkling soul they are and enhance their life by supporting their dreams, visions, passion and purpose.


Each graduate receives a beautiful Soul Coaching® Practitioner graduation certificate (suitable for framing) once all elements of required training have been completed.

All graduates will be registered with the Soul Coaching® Wisdom Council and invited to join the Soul Coaching® community of Master Teachers, Advanced Soul Coaches, and Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioners via our international e-group and Facebook Private Group plus will receive a free listing on our website www.soul-coaching.com and opportunity to add their profile for a minimal charge.

“At the edge of the mind awaits the holy wilderness of the soul. It beckons you, like an ancient forest filled with vast mysteries and wonders. Soul Coaching® is a simple path of the heart to the temple that dwells at its depth.” —Denise Linn Accommodations



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Join Kelly Chamchuk and learn everything it takes to become a Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner and to build your business as a professional certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner.

Kelly received her certificate in Soul Coaching in June, 2008 and her Advanced Certificate in 2016. She is among the very first graduates of Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching Practitioner Certification course and has mentored in all of Denise Linn’s online programs for the past 8 years.

Kelly’s own life was transformed in incredible ways after experiencing this program and having access to the growing community of practitioners. Her background is in corporate training, administration, fundraising and volunteer management.

Kelly lives just outside of Vancouver BC and has a deep love for animals, passion to travel and purpose to guide others on their incredible journeys through Soul Coaching®, Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui™, Seven Stars Blessing Space Clearing™, Elemental Space Clearing®, Dreamwork, Oracle and Angel Card Readings, Psych-K® and Connecting to Spirit through meditation and expressive arts.

People find her deeply compassionate with a sprinkle of humour and she will always give her best to satisfy the needs of the client working with integrity, in the most ethical and professional manner.

Working with a Soul Coach™ can transform your life forever. In addition to having the skills of a life coach, a Soul Coach™ goes a step further and guides you to embark on a spiritual sojourn into the depths of your soul to discover the truth about yourself and your life.  When you do this your energy increases and your entire life vibrates with life force energy and vitality.  In addition to being compassionate and wise human beings, these remarkable individuals are some of the finest coaches in the world.

Kelly is one of the very few individuals worldwide who I have personally chosen to carry the Soul Coaching® legacy into the future through training and certifying professional Soul Coaches. She is an extraordinary Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Certified Soul Coaching® Trainer. She’s attained the highest level of Soul Coaching® training and is one of a select group of individuals I have personally trained in my special method of coaching. She creates safe, nurturing environments for discovering the soul’s truth and those who attend her events experience remarkable transformations in their lives.Kelly is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth!

– Denise Linn, Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching®
Denise Linn

Founder, Soul Coaching International Institute


All attempts will be made to ensure that you are looked after with the highest degree of compassion and integrity in all of our work together.

CANCELLATION UP TO 6 weeks prior – a full refund will be issued, minus a $100 processing fee. There may be a 6-10 day wait on the refunds due to Pay-Pals refund policy. If payment was made by cheque or other means, payment must have cleared the bank before a refund is issued. Program materials are ordered 6 weeks in advance, and if yours are already ordered, you may have to pay associated costs. 

DURING ON-SITE TRAINING – No refund on the tuition is issued, however the student may apply their tuition to a future certification course with Kelly at a later mutually agreed date. Kelly reserves the right to DEDUCT a reasonable amount to cover any costs of supplies, meals, or other costs associated with your tuition. Students who do not complete the course may not keep their course materials as these are copy written materials for Certified Soul Coaching® practitioners only.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY – Emergencies may occur, or you may miss a day for health reasons. In this case you may schedule private makeup sessions, which will be at an additional fee of $500 a day PLUS you are responsible to cover travel expenses, accommodation and meals and any other expenses deemed necessary. All training must be completed before a student may graduate from the program.*In extreme cases, Kelly reserves the right to not graduate anyone not completing the requirements of the program as defined by The Wisdom Council and Dense Linn Seminars, including demonstration of respect and kindness to others. This is highly unlikely and for very extreme circumstances only. Any issues not able to be resolved with mutual agreement will be handed over to the Soul Coaching® Wisdom Council. Kelly works closely with her clients to ensure she meets and exceeds her client’s needs and expectations. Please advise Kelly if you have any issues in an immediate manner so they can be resolved effectively and efficiently.

Travel and Accommodation

Kelly is not responsible for costs associated with any travel arrangements, hotel bookings, cancelled flights, delayed or cancelled ferries. Please purchase travel insurance and understand all of your booking policies in advance of agreement. 


Kelly commits to create a rich, compassionate learning environment where students feel a generosity of spirit, and where they experience acceptance and honouring of one another and covers all instructional materials from the Soul Coaching® Practitioner(SCP) Manual. Students sign a professional waiver prior to start of course work. An out of province emergency contact name and number will be requested. Students attend the onsite training then take the 28 Day Online Soul Coaching® program as a group to enrich and deepen their learning experience.


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