What Is Soul Coaching®?

Soul Coaching® is a 28 day program created by author/teacher Denise Linn as an in-depth way to de-clutter the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life. This world renowned program is comprised of daily, carefully designed practical lessons which provide the tools you need to create more peace, harmony and alignment in your life.  Learn how to clear away blockages so you can truly begin to uncover your authentic self and hear the messages of your soul.

By utilizing the elemental energies of air/intellectual, water/emotions, fire/spirit, and earth/physical; this program allows you (in as little as 10-15 minutes per day) to connect with your spiritual source and find deeper meaning & purpose plus add ceremony and sacredness to your everyday life while facing fears and addressing non-serving beliefs or patterns.

Many clients find that once they have committed themselves to the program, their life begins to unfold in positive ways they have never dreamed of. If you are feeling drawn to the program, trust that it is your time to invest in your self and this magical journey to your soul.

Explore the 28 Day Soul Coaching® Program

You are encouraged to truthfully explore your life, challenge your beliefs, face your fears, become even more motivated and inspired leaving you feeling more balanced, whole and focused like never before! Learn to live more in the now and have clarity to pursue the life of your dreams. Here’s what you receive;


  • Over 100+ pages of lessons offered with three different levels of participation
  • A total of 84 exercises that you can revisit as many times as you like
  • 28 Daily affirmations, one for each day of the program
  • 28 Downloadable Daily Audio Lessons and Meditations by Denise Linn
  • Opportunity to connect with like-hearted people
  • Free membership to Kelly’s private Facebook group for additional support and friendship
  • Coaching and support by Kelly during the program
  • Creative projects to expand your awareness

That’s over 12 hours of instruction, soul journeys, sharing, on-going support and encouragement, instructional binder, audio recordings, affirmations, at least two creative projects, unlimited opportunities for personal growth, inner healing, inspiration to live the life you desire and so much more!

Group size is limited for each program. Please register early to reserve your space.


Which package is right for you?

Luxuriate in confidence and meet one to one for the ultimate coaching experience… Combines printed program material including daily lessons, affirmations and meditations, 6 individual Soul Coaching® sessions which include creating a Soul Collage & Spirit Stick, all wrapped up with e-mail/Facebook support with Kelly. Use the contact form below to take your next step.

$888 Per Person

Connect with like hearted individuals and share your journey each step of the way in a group setting… This program is for you if you live in the Vancouver /  Tri-Cities area and can attend 6 weekly sessions. If you live outside the area and would like to create an onsite group with Kelly, please contact her with your information.

$429 Per Person

You get the same wonderful information as the on-site group course delivered via a Facebook private group. The downloadable audio daily lessons and guided meditations / affirmations are by program creator Denise Linn, pinned post of the day, coaching, mentoring and support is provided by Kelly. Use the contact form below to begin your journey today!

$299 Per Person
Mystical Moments

A lot can be accomplished in just one personal session with Kelly. Using a combination of coaching methods, oracle card readings, intuition and healing, Kelly will coach, mentor and guide you to feel empowered about any situation you may be facing. Clear a blockage, examine your beliefs, explore your values, embrace a fear… what is it that you want to heal, overcome, accept or change in your life? Contact Kelly below to schedule your session.

$120 Per Session


Testimonial for Kelly Chamchuk – 28 Day Soul Coaching Course.

I found Kelly to be a fabulous facilitator of the 28 Day Soul Coaching course. Kelly
was compassionate, understanding and supportive of all members in the group.
Her knowledge, kindness and wisdom were exceptional and graceful and I truly
felt blessed to have chosen her to do this course with.
I didn’t know what to really expect from this course except that I knew deep
within it would be another spiritual journey of growth for me.
I found the course to be full of wonderful processes and levels you could do each
day. I committed fully to this course not only to honour myself on this
remarkable journey but to support Kelly and the rest of the group in return for
them being there for me.

I have learnt so much in the last 28 days about myself and through the resources
received in this beautifully facilitated course by Kelly, I know that this work and
the things I have learned I will continue to be able to be used in weeks, months
and years to come.

I have no hesitation to recommend Kelly for this wonderful course. If you want
to take an inner journey to find your true soul’s path in in kind, honoured and
gentle way, please do yourself a service and do it with Kelly.

I am truly grateful for Kelly embarking on becoming a facilitator for this course
and I know she will continue to impact on many people’s lives in a positive way
in the future to come.

Thank you Kelly from the bottom of my heart.
Love and blessings,

Heidi Silver
0410 693 635 – Available to be contacted for a personal testimonial

Heidi Silver


Kelly Chamchuk’s 28 Day Soul Coaching® Journey was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Each day was filled with clear intention and an unconditional sense of loving guidance that eased me through the process of self-discovery. Throughout the 28 day journey, I learned about myself and the world around me, which helped me to clear through important life changing moments to find clarity and enhanced spirit. It is a life changing experience; Kelly is a master guide to self-love, expanded vision and possibility. I highly recommend this course to anyone ready to embrace positive change, improve relationships, and discover their expanded life purpose.

Sharon Reid

Sacramento, California

My experience with Kelly and her coaching abilities has changed a great part of how I view my life experiences. This course made me stronger and has directed me in a positive light. I would definitely take courses with Kelly in the future. Abundance! I really enjoyed the projects especially the Spirit Sticks. Thank you Kelly for changing my life in so many ways. You are a wonderful person to be around and I love, love, love your spirit!

Karen Fast

Hair Stylist, Maple Ridge, BC

This Soul Coaching@ program will help you get on the path to have the life that you envision for yourself! Kelly’s excellent at leading the sessions and helping us during them. The printed material is great and I’m glad I have something I can refer back to. I especially loved doing the vision board!

Kathy Richards

Logan Lake, BC

Looking to Become a Soul Coaching® Practitioner?

Soul Coaching® Practitioners are so needed in the world right now. Join the movement and be supported by our ever-growing community each step of the way. Classes are held throughout the year at various locations. Looking for one in your area? Contact Kelly for details.

I really in-joy connecting with you! Simply send me a message and I will contact you to set up a time to chat about your individual needs and which of these packages may suit you best.

Soul Coaching® Contact Form

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