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Secret Alchemy of the Elements
in Soul Coaching

ISBN: 9780984593002
Published by Soul Wings Press
Edited by Sophia Fairchild, Foreword by Denise Linn

Soul Wings Press is proud to announce the release of an amazing new collection of wisdom from professional Soul Coaches around the world!

$19.95 USD + shipping

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“The mythological definition of an alchemist is someone who takes something lacking in apparent value and turns it into something of great worth. In the traditional allegory, the alchemist takes lead and, working with various elements, turns it into gold. We could go further and view this symbolic substance, lead, as something which is not particularly life-enhancing, something which is weighing us down. This could be seen as anything which stifles our life force or holds us back from fulfilling our highest potential.

By using the analogy of alchemy in our own lives, we can take our perceived problems (the lead) and view them as opportunities for growth (raw material) thus transforming them into inspired breakthroughs in our personal awareness and new life force. This leads us on to living a fulfilled life at our highest potential (the gold). Like alchemy, Soul Coaching® is a self-initiated process of transformation through the four elements.”

– ©Sophia Fairchild, Co-Author and Editor of Soul Whispers II: Secret Alchemy of the Elements in Soul Coaching, published by Soul Wings® Press. www.SoulWingsPress.com

“Your story is as good as anything I’ve read in “self help” books. You explained yourself and your journey beautifully. It was a fascinating read.”

– Natalie Speckmaier, Vancouver