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What is a Past Life Journey?

Expect the unexpected when you travel inside your self to get the answers to your questions. Choose to explore something specific or trust where we are guided. The soul loves the truth and your answers are inside just waiting to come to the surface! Each session is unique as Kelly creates a safe place for you then connects with her guidance for these interactive informative meditation sessions.

What to expect on your Past Life Journey with Kelly

  1. Know that you are in control at all times
  2. We discuss what you may want to accomplish or discover
  3. Kelly will address your concerns at any time during the consult
  4. Kelly will help you relax with breathing techniques
  5. Kelly will create a sacred environment for positive expectation
  6. You are free to follow Kelly’s guidance or journey on your own
  7. Journey can be as interactive as you choose, sharing what you see or sense
  8. Kelly may call upon your guides or other messengers as requested

How do we go on a Past Life Journey?

Travel back in time through deep relaxation… We establish what, where, when and then take a look into the who and they why… The emphasis is not on historical accuracy but on the message(s) your receive.

We take the time to access your inner wisdom to face fears or challenges. Before ‘coming back’ you are given a special gift from Spirit!

Don’t have a specific question? No problem. Many people are amazed with the information that surfaces by going on a Past Life Journey. It is a safe and sacred process.

Types of Journeys

Connect with your Inner Oracle: Travel to times past and see how you helped and served others in past lives; bringing this to the surface in this life will empower you in your Metaphysical work today.

Explore a Fear or Blockage: These journeys bring great understand to why things are the way they are and then we also take the time to change the meaning for you to a much more positive one leaving you feeling empowered and ready to face those challenges today!

The Mystical Door; We travel through the door and just see where we are taken knowing that it is where you need to go at this time, sometimes many lives are touched on, giving you the messages you need to hear in this moment.

Create Your Own: During this session, we simply trust the guidance that is provided and go where is needed.

Appointments must be scheduled in advance and can be performed in person, by ZOOM or Facebook Video.

Please connect with Kelly here.

$120 / One Hour Session