Instinctive Feng Shui™

Instinctive Feng Shui™ is an all-encompassing technique that enriches the lives of our clients through spiritual, physical and mental practices. Kelly believes that each person, in their essence, instinctively knows what they need and know what is best for their environments and their life.

This Feng Shui method combines many different tools and techniques to access your inner wisdom and discover ways to best support a client’s desires and intentions. Kelly works with Native American teachings, symbolism, traditional Chinese as well as contemporary Feng Shui practices, and Healthy Home concepts.

What will I learn?

During our time together, you will learn;

  • What makes Interior Alignment® unique to other systems
  • Chi, Yin & Yang, Natural and Man Made Environments
  • 5 Elements and how to use them
  • The Bagua and how to use it
  • How to look at a home through color, numerology and astrology
  • Clutter Clearing Intorduction to Space Clearing
  • Introduction to the Medicine Wheel
  • Our trademarked SYNCHRO-ALIGNMENT® Method and so much MORE!!!

PLUS, Learn how to;

  • Build your Practice
  • Promote and Manage your Business
  • Become connected to a global network of Students, Practitioner and Teachers

*Graduates are considered a Certified Practitioner of Feng Shui (CPFS)

Kelly Teaching

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™

Space Clearing is a term created by Denise Linn many years ago to describe the process to shift and change the energy felt in a home or office. Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ is a cosmology that embraces the way that we, Interior Alignment® practitioners, approach space clearing. Native cultures all over the world had processes to clear emotional energy, the energy of previous occupants, and even the energy of spirits and ghosts or other astral beings. In our modern lives, this need to clear energy still exists for many reasons;

Moving into a new home after Divorce New Relationship
Releasing a home for sale After Illness New Job
Building new home After Death of loved one New baby or family member
New Project or habit After purchasing antiques New arrangement of space
Release negative habits After arguments Preparing for a life change
To release ghosts To clear astral energies To create clarity in life

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing is powerful because it does MORE than remove the stuck, stagnant or dense energy; it also infuses the space with the energy desired by the client. Kelly is adept at using a number of tools, clearing methods, and blessings to create just what is needed in your space. She is trained to release ghosts and other denser energies from a space, yet the main focus is on clearing homes, furnishings, and working with the energy of the land.

Kelly is an expert in creating custom altars, saying they are a 3D equivalent to a vision board. The Altars are created with intention, love and serve as a focal point for the blessings of the space or for custom ceremonies.

Much time and dedication is spent in preparation for each clearing, learning exactly what would be for the best and highest good of the clients in the space, choosing the right tools, ceremony and blessings. Kelly works with her personal energy to be of the highest vibration prior to the clearing. Clients are also invited to connect with the spirits of the land and home to find out messages or information needed for the clearing.

  • The clearing honors the energy of the 4 directions, earth and heaven, and great spirit in all things. Our clearing methods acknowledged that energy moves in spirals, and that there are cycles and seasons for all things. We may time clearings and blessings for certain moon cycles, times of day or even year.
  • We follow our clearing and blessing of the space with methods to preserve this new energy for the client, so that this new pattern of energy holds in the space and help the family or business there to attain what they desire

The number Seven is a highly spiritual number and the word Stars acknowledges our intention to bring the energy of the heavens and the divine into the dwellings of our clients. At the center of each ceremony is our heart centered approach for our clients.


How and Where do I Train?

The first portion of the certification process begins ONLINE where you will receive a lesson per week to get you introduced to the system, and use your own home to work and play with the concepts.

The second portion will take place onsite with Kelly. Contact her today for upcoming groups or one on one training.

I'm ready to learn more!

Are you interested in joining an upcoming group or having personal training with Kelly? Contact her to learn more about your options, locations, and get started on your journey to become an Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui and Seven Stars Blessing and Space Clearing professional today.

Instinctive Feng Shui