Clutter Clearing During the Holi-Daze?

Can one really clear clutter during this mind boggling time of activity; with all the meeting, greeting, eating, shopping, decorating, baking, giving, and maybe even gratefully receiving too? Oh, and did I even mention clearing some negative thoughts, stagnant emotions and those non-serving beliefs? Whew!  Well YES!!! Clutter clearing during December can simplify this time of your life, bring focus to what is truly important to you, and even set you up for wonder-filled year to come.   Take a moment to reconnect with what this ‘time’ really means to you and create the feelings to go with it. Just because everyone else’s head is spinning does not mean yours has to! There. It IS that simple and Santa will not put you on his naughty list!   What is this time about for YOU and how are you choosing to celebrate it? With family and friends, in a peace filled loving moment holding candles at the top of a snowy mountain? Near the Oceanside walking the dogs greeting the others out doing the same? Volunteering for others less fortunate? Being secret Santa to those who really need something and never telling anyone? Maybe something traditional, something your family has trusted in for generations, the tried and true?  Perhaps you are looking to do something new…   Whatever is going on in your life, ‘commitments’ and ‘obligations’ aside; how you feel while doing it is up to YOU. Set some clear intentions and go for it! Be awareof your thoughts and mindful of the emotions as they steer you and guide you to where your heart wants to be!


Photo by Kelly Chamchuk

When all is said and done, it is not the ‘things’ you purchased or that the tablecloth was perfectly pressed that people remember; it’s the TIME you spent with them, the JOY you brought to their life, and the LOVE that is shared. Clutter clearing creates sacred space for that.

Choose your time wisely and please remember those who may not have much time left, you never really know who they are. Love everyone!

Consider joining a baking circle with friends or purchase your homemade goodies from a local Farmers Market, do we really need all those sweets? How much is enough?  Stick ‘em in the freezer. Done.

Edit your contact lists; are these people in your life or do you feel obligated to keep in contact? Do they keep in touch with you or is the effort a ‘one-way’ street? People can be clutter too, especially toxic ones.

Many people have gone to the newsletter or e-mail format for keeping in touch however a special handwritten card for people who mean something says so much, you already know who they are!

If it is too late to do your ‘editing’ this year, each month take one section of your contact list and by next year, it will be ready. If you don’t have a computerized system, create one in the same manner. It is okay to print the mailing labels; the message inside should be handwritten though, including a personal note especially if sent with a generic letter.

Hire a student or virtual assistant for the database or paperwork, then do what you love instead.

Limit your activities; you do not have to attend them all, unless you want to of course! You choose! Become friends with the words “Thank you so much, I’d love to however…”

Know when to hire a driving service to save time, move friends, family and yourself safely and yes, even save money, maybe life’s, especially if there are ‘spirits’ involved!

Take advantage of the super sales, save $$ and create a suitable gift cupboard for upcoming celebrations in the New Near. Consider shelf life, storage space, fashion trends and purchase generic gifts that anybody would love!

Learn to see things differently; some items such as beautiful scarfs, unique containers, or flowers serve as the gift & gift-wrapping at the same time!

Give the gift of TIME; create coupons to spend with the people you love, doing things you enjoy!


Photo by Kelly Chamchuk 

As you go through your decorations, take time to decide which ones personally mean something, if you don’t loveit, loose it. Invite the family to get involved, put some music on, grab a bevy and IN-JOY the process.

Use a decoration instead of a bow on a gift, bottle or bag. Try wrapping using plain brown paper or even the newspaper, tie with raffia or nice ribbon, insert a fresh clipping from an Evergreen Tree; the gift looks awesome, smells great and is very ‘Green!’

Trade ornaments with friends and their friends at a Vintage Tea Party

Donate quality re-useable ornaments, lights, faux trees, to families that are in need through various community programs

Create ‘starter boxes’ for family members soon to be leaving home and going out on their own

If ‘downsizing,’ take all your true treasures and incorporate them into a wreath or two that you can display with love. Give the remainders to family and friends or donate them to a favorite Charlie Brown Tree.

In your ‘Golden Years?’ Gift your vintage pieces to those who will appreciate the stories and memories that come from your heart while you are here to enjoy the smiles and appreciation on their faces.

Just starting out? Consider using live décor that will remain throughout the year such as bamboo and hang just one awesome ornament from it.

Bring in times from nature, moss in a bowl with a few decorative balls, pine cones stacked in an empty vase, fresh branches from your local market and then recycle back to nature afterwards in a compost!

Purchase live potted trees that will be replanted and decorate with objects from nature or string popcorn or other edibles such as dried cranberries.

If your décor is up and looking absolutely gorgeous already, congratulations!!! Perhaps save this article and consider these options as you are taking them down in preparation for next year. It’s never to late to de-clutter your life and create sacred space for time, love and newness to arrive.

Focus on your intentions and what you want to bring in to your life, keep those feelings vibrant and make them real! Be clear on what you really want, because we create what we think. I will be thinking love, peace and abundance for all.

Kelly Chamchuk is a certified Soul Coaching Master Practitioner and Trainer and Interior Alignment Teacher offering programs, workshops, retreats & guided meditation services – one-on-one, in groups and online, plus produces products and that help you create sacred space in your life and home.

©Kelly Chamchuk 2011 | www.kellychamchuk.com | admin@kellychamchuk.com

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