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MORE is so Last Year!

Clutter Clearing During the Holi-Daze? Can one really clear clutter during this mind boggling time of activity; with all the meeting, greeting, eating, shopping, decorating, baking, giving, and maybe even gratefully receiving too? Oh, and did I even mention clearing...

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Clearing Mental Clutter

There is potential for a lot of uncertainty in our lives right now; and it can cause us to get out of balance very quickly leaving us feeling fatigued, unfocused, preoccupied and may even move us from a state of love into a state of fear. There are things that we can...

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The End Is Just The Beginning

Today marks the completion of my personal 21-Day Soul Coaching® Clutter Clearing Quest. I was truly amazed at how deep I went with this program as I am often clearing clutter while in other programs I mentor in or facilitate. I feel if one is always clearing clutter...

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Soul Coaching® Clutter Clearing Quest

Clutter in one's life appears in many forms. Clutter is unhealthy for us as it blocks CHI (energy) from coming in to our lives. People begin to feel unorganized, unfocused and a lack of clarity for the future when surrounded by clutter. How does clutter appear in your...

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