Kelly Chamchuk

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Kelly Chamchuk has a mission to instill balance and harmony in the world.

Her passion is assisting people to create sacred space in their lives and homes through Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Soul Coaching.® Her work is heartfelt, detailed and conducted in a professional, friendly, non-judgmental manner often with a splash of humour.

Soul Coaching®

Soul Coaching®

Kelly began working as a Soul Coaching® Practitioner in June of 2008 holding groups onsite and online and working with clients on a one to one basis. She received her Advanced Soul Coaching certificate in 2015 and her Master Trainer certification in September of 2016. Are you into playing games? Go to the gry o iron man. There is the best offer for you!

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Kelly Teaching

Teaching / Coaching / Mentoring

Kelly’s professional career began in home and decorative retail after accompanying her father to the local building store every weekend. Later employed in the corporate sector, she was keen to help new employees learn the ropes. Her deep passion for ongoing learning and teaching led her to a long term corporate trainer’s role where she traveled across Canada implementing new systems, policies and procedures while coaching and mentoring the trainees. Kelly also spent time in the travel industry training agents on destination information, packages and tours.

Kelly was inspired to take Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching® Program in 2008 and has since graduated at the Advanced Level and has received her Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer Certification in September 2016. She has international success guiding people from all backgrounds through this positive life-affirming Soul Coaching® program in person and through inspirational online groups. Kelly has mentored thousands of people across the globe in Denise Linn’s online Hay House programs, and feels extremely blessed to contribute to the rich learning environments of these programs.

*Not a fan of groups? Work with Kelly One-On-One, In Person, or Online.

Interior Alignment®

Feng Shui

Kelly’s early childhood is filled with memories of moving furniture and arranging objects because “they felt better that way.” It was at that early age where she discovered just how much your environment affects your health, happiness, state of mind and energy. She believes that your environment is often a metaphor for what may be occurring in your life. Through various close calls with the force of nature; three lightning strikes, too many near drowning’s, and one massive Tornado, Kelly has found a deep respect and awe for Mother Earth and the power of the elements. She uses 4 and 5 element systems in her work creating balance and harmony harmony for her clients.

Studying art and graphic communications in school lead her to a passion for working with colour shape, design, and she was especially skilled with creating positive/negative balance in her compositions. Kelly now creates harmonious and ‘sacred spaces’ in homes and the workplace through arrangement, placement, ceremony, clutter clearing, organization and finding meaning in client’s objects.

Kelly’s Interior Alignment® certifications include:

Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®

Advanced & Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™

Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment®

Certified Practitioner of Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™

Certified Practitioner of Instinctive Feng Shui™

Certified Practitioner of Elemental Space Clearing®

Past Member of the Interior Alignment Foundation Council

Birkan flowers

Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing

A love for clearing clutter was developed after witnessing a lifetime of materials had to be disposed of after her Father’s passing. She has worked with numerous people in the ‘letting-go’ process with empathy and non-judgment with beautiful results for the home and for the people living there.

Kelly holds two certificates in Space Clearing; Seven Stars Blessing Space Clearing™ plus Elemental Space Clearing® and continues her studies exploring this sacred art in other cultures around the globe. Her clearings are mystical and client centered, focusing on intentions for the space with custom ceremonies and altars created for each. Clearings can be performed in person yet online clearings are equally effective. Kelly blends healing for the client and the home into her sessions.

Soul Whispers II


Kelly has written a favoured chapter;  ‘The Power of Spirit Sticks’ in the award winning book: Soul Whispers II – Secret Alchemy of the Elements in Soul Coaching, published by Soul Wings Press.

Her blog offers stories from her heart, most with a lesson or two you can use as a take way for your own life.

She contributes numerous articles for the Interior Alignment’s Newsletter, the Soul Coaching® newsletter as well offering inspiration and heartfelt wisdom.

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Additional Energy Work

Classical Feng Shui

Reiki and Hands on Healing

Certified Oracle and Angel Card Reader

Advanced Psych-K®

Gateway Dreaming Practitioner

Kelly lives in Greater Vancouver, B.C. Canada and joyfully serves clients internationally. She regularly attends a medium development circle and has a passion for modern day shamanism, nature, writing, photography, travel and cooking for friends. Many neighborhood dogs and cats know her best as ‘Auntie Kelly.’

Her company LumaSoul Coaching & Consulting offers private/group consultations & workshops in person and online. Certification training is held throughout the year in various locations.

“You are a remarkable woman. I believe in you… You have the ability to make a difference in the lives of many.”

Denise Linn

Founder of Soul Coaching® – Paso Robles, California, USA